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With A Little Style, You Can Get Free Stuff from Moving Sales!

Would you believe that you can get (not buy) things from moving sales? No, this article is not advocating theft. Rather, you can convince people who are moving to give you their stuff for free, and here's how to do it:
1.    Find out about various moving sales that are being held in your area. There may be ads in your local newspaper, or you can ask around.
2.    During the weekend, go from one sale to the other, talking to the owners and handing them business cards that promote your free pick-up service.
3.    Afterwards, don't forget to follow-up by sending them a short letter extending the offer again.
4.    If you get any calls and make arrangements, make sure that you stick to your commitment. Be on-time and anticipate everything you may need to do the job. You will probably need cardboard boxes. Depending on how much you anticipate having to move, you may need an extra hand.
5.    Be ready to accept everything, even the junk. This is no time to be picky and make the people who called you feel like you are only taking advantage of them or wasting their time.

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