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The Perks of De-Cluttering Before a Move

Before you begin to pack for a move, it is best if you sort out first the items that you want to throw away and bring along. This method is also called ‘de-cluttering'. De-cluttering is one of the most important aspects of moving. If you have visited your new home, you will find it easier to determine which items to bring.
The de-cluttering process starts by figuring out the items that you need in your new home. Those that won't make it into your new home must be sold or dropped off to a charity. What's good about this method is that it allows you to save space in your new place and reduce the moving expenses at the same time.
De-cluttering is not a walk in the park. Getting rid of some items could make you feel happy or sad. You have to deal with this roller coaster of emotions as you go on. But if you view everything in a practical way, you will find that there are tons of ridiculous things piling up in your home.
Things that you no longer need can either be sold or given to good will. Some of the items which you can donate include old toys, books, magazines and clothing that are in good condition. You can also raise money by arranging a garage sale. There are also some online sites where you can auction all your unwanted stuff.

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