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Rule of Thumb: Clean as You Go

"Clean As You Go" sign is often seen in canteens, pantries and other self-serve joints. This rule simply means to clean up the table where you have eaten so that it can be used by others. Clearly, this should also apply to movers, which means that after vacating, and have everything packed and ready to go, movers have to make sure that the old house is cleaned and looked good as new.
To accomplish this, one must have a plastic tote or caddy of cleaning equipment and supplies. Before taking the last walk and close the house door, it is essential to do a final cleaning job while fondest memories of events that took place inside the house are reminisced.
Cleaning should start on stained areas such as kitchen, rest rooms and kids' play area. Next to be cleaned is the ceiling then the house walls. The last part to be cleaned is the floor as this is where the dust and dirt usually accumulate.
It would also be best to make sure that garbage is disposed properly to avoid unwanted smell. Bottles and cans should be segregated as these can cause minor accidents once a new family moves in.
Cleaning before moving can be considered as a requirement. The old house deserves much attention as the new house since it provided shelter to the family for months, years even. Cleaning it is some sort of paying tribute to old times before getting ready to experience new ones.

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