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Rule Number 1: Stick to Your Moving Schedule

People who are planning to move have to learn one thing and this is to stick strictly on schedule. Imagine the troubles and difficulties once you messed up with your timeframe. This is the reason why everybody should have their schedule updated and strictly followed all throughout the move.
If you are sticking to your moving schedule it means you are going to hire a removal company months and weeks before the moving day. Early booking doesn't only let you save money due to special rates but save more time and effort. Moving companies are high in demand.
The objective to stick to your schedule can also be defined as taking necessary measures and precautions to avoid delays. Make sure that you complete a certain task, say for instance packing your personal stuff, at a given period of time. If you don't because you fail to respect the schedule you made, then be ready to face the dire consequences.
If you don't want a stressful moving process, again, stick to your schedule. If you follow your schedule religiously, you will not encounter troubles along the way. Instead, you will accomplish things and be ready to finally move just right on time.

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