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Packing Tips for Booklovers

Have you ever tried moving your favorite books only to find that the pages were torn and folded? It can really be a nightmare to all booklovers. Therefore, read the following tips in packing books for relocation.
Edit your book collection.
Books are typically heavy and movers could charge fees for that extra weight. In order to reduce your moving costs, it is best to sort out your books and get rid of those you don't need anymore. Better yet, convert them into cash by arranging a garage sale. The remaining books can be donated to charities or given away to friends.
Gather appropriate boxes.
Books are susceptible to moisture and water. Hence, collect boxes that are both sturdy and dry to prevent molds and damages. You can either buy boxes at supply shops or ask for them at local grocery stores. Before packing, strengthen the bottom seams by sealing it with layers of packing tape.
Cover books accurately.
Hardcover books should be packed with newspaper so they won't get scratched or beaten during the transit. If you plan to use plastic bags for paperback books, you can individually cover them in bubble wrap for protection.
Place books inside the boxes in an upright position.
Ensure that hardcover books are loaded into the boxes, standing upwards. Since paperback books are usually less valuable, you can simply stack them in any way you please. Just make sure they are all facing the same direction. Don't overload each box to prevent them from slipping through the seams. 

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