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Packing and Unpacking Made Easy

After deciding to move and locating a place to live, the next step is to relocate all the items in your old home. To make packing and unpacking a breeze, here are some helpful tips:
(a)   Downsizing is essential in packing, thus it is a must to get rid of all unnecessary items. These include old clothes, malfunctioning or unused appliances, and other pieces of junk such asempty bottles, cans and containers. To earn money out of these items, you have the option to hold a garage sale or dump these on junk shops. By doing so, you will be packing only the things that matter to you.
(b)  It is advisable to pack items on a "per room" basis, which means you have to be organized and ensure that the "to-be" packed items are on their respective areas before packing. Start early to accommodate extra hours in packing breakables.
(c)   Once everything is packed and secured, it is important to properly tag the boxes per room. You may also be creative by using a color coding scheme to easily locate items during unpacking.
(d)  Since packing was done per room, unpacking should follow as well. Make sure to empty each boxes before opening a new one.
(e)   Designing your new home while unpacking is the final step. This may take a couple of days thus time management can definitely work wonders.

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