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Moving and Packing Guidelines for Beginners

No matter how excited you are to move into your dream home, control your enthusiasm and don't be tempted to toss your possessions any which way into the boxes.
Pack by room - Give yourself enough time to pack each room efficiently. Start with the things that you are not currently using like seasonal clothes.
Make an inventory - Note down all the things that you are packing to make sure nothing gets left behind. This is also a great way to track down the pieces that arrive in your new home.
Use robust boxes - Fill the boxes to the top and seal the opening. This makes it easier to pile up boxes.
Do not overload - Place a good mix of heavy and light items in each box so they don't get too heavy to lift. Put heavy stuff first to keep the light items from getting crushed.
Use padding - Keep ample supply of bubble wrap and newsprint. However, be selective with the items that you surround with newsprint as it may leave marks. Don't forget to label boxes containing breakable items ‘fragile' so the movers can identify which boxes need extra care.
Mark the boxes - Label the boxes according to their contents and the room they belong to. Don't forget to label the box's other sides as well.
Pack necessities separately - a necessity box contains all important items needed to survive the first night in your new home. It is unlikely that you'll finish unpacking on the first day, so be sure that you have packed toiletries, food and clothing in your necessity box. 

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