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Have a Stress-Free, Organized Move by Using this Checklist

Although there are people who stay in just one home most of their lives, a lot of families find the need to move. Whether it's job-related, to upgrade or downsize a house, there will come a point when you would need to transfer houses. When doing so, there are certain things that you need to iron out so that the move will be as stress-free and as organized as possible.

Details to Iron Out Prior to Moving

To make the transition from one house to a new home smooth-flowing, there are three tasks that you need to perform:
1.    Make a list of the information that the removals company will need.
Getting in touch with a professional removals company will save you a lot of time, money and effort during the move. You can even take advantage of professional packing and unpacking services. After choosing which company to hire, make sure to gather all the information that they need including the origin and destination; your contact details; an inventory of your things if you are taking advantage of their packing services; and your move date.

2.    Discontinue your subscriptions and utility services.
If you have magazine or newspaper subscriptions, you need to cancel them the minute that you have determined the date of your move so you won't get billed anymore. The same thing holds true with the utility services like electricity, gas, cable or satellite TV, water, etc.

3.    Notify all the necessary people/institutions about your change of address.
Inform friends and family about your change of address, as well as institutions like your bank, the post office, the taxation office, your insurance company and your healthcare provider.

By taking these tips into account, you can have a move that is as stress-free and as organized as possible.

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