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8 Stress Free House Moving Tips

Don't get all stress up because of your move. Follow these tips and you will be able to complete your move without much of a hassle.
1. Check out all utilities of your new house in advance. Though this is taken care of in apartments, you have to attend to other facilities like internet and cable. If you will be renting a house, it is better to have the power, water, cable, internet and garbage services ready before you move. This will make your first night much more comfortable.
2. Plan your move well ahead; especially if you want to hire a moving company or do it yourself. If you are doing the move alone, you have to get packing materials like boxes and tape ready. If a moving company will be helping you, they usually provide this. By planning your move day by day, your moving stress is greatly reduced.
3. Whilst packing your belongings, pack each room's stuff separately in separate boxes and label them accordingly. This makes unloading and setting up your new home much easier.
4. Start packing well before the move day and leave only the packing of your essentials for the day of the move.
5. Always pack with heavier items in small boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. If you mix them, place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top.
6. Don't overload boxes; keep them light as possible to avoid injuries.
7. Store all your boxes in a central place the day before the move and load boxes in trucks logically with heavy boxes at the bottom.
8. Wrap furniture with blankets to minimise the chance of damage.

Try out these tips the next time you have to make a move. You are sure to find this move to be much less stressful than the first move.

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