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10 Most Ignored Factors When Hunting for Apartments

 Aside from price and location, there are many other factors that you should consider when looking for an apartment to rent. These commonly ignored factors also have a great impact in your leasing experience.

1.    Landlord - Find a landlord who is accommodating and responsible. It is easy to build a good relationship with a landlord who is not grumpy or indifferent.
2.     Odor - Let your nose guide you. Pay close attention to strong scents. This may be an attempt to mask unpleasant smells caused by molds and pets.
3.    Laundry - Check if there is an on-site laundry and how many of them are available. If no on-site laundry is available, ask how far the nearest laundry mat is.  
4.    Noise - Visit the apartment in different times of day. This way, you can determine when noise levels are highest.
5.    Pets - Check if the complex allows pets. If not, look further. If it does allow pets, inquire about the number of pets in the complex and their types.
6.     Temperature - See how windows are installed. Plan how you can keep cool or warm during extreme weathers.
7.    Terminal - If you don't own a car, the accessibility of terminals and the routes of buses may be an important factor to consider when finding an apartment.
8.    Security - A secured apartment is protected with bars, locks or security alarms.
9.     Parking -If your rent includes a parking, find out where it is and see if you can fit in the car easily. Also search about car break-in reports in your area. Cheap rent is useless if you have to pay for broken windows every month.
10.     Storage - Look into the size of closets and cabinets in the apartment. Make sure there is enough space for your items. If you have lots of bulky items to store, ask whether there is an on-site storage you can use.

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